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The Firm

We are a firm composed of lawyers with solid academic training and intense activity in national and international cases.
With main office in São Paulo and a unit in Recife, the firm renders services in the areas of Corporate Law, M&A, Dispute Resolution (judicial, arbitral and administrative), Capital and Financial Markets, Agribusiness, Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Special Situations. The firm serves clients with a wide range of profiles, in many sectors, such as finance, civil construction, infrastructure, energy, oil & gas, mining, telecommunication, technology, healthcare, food and entertainment, among others.

Our purpose
Regarding clients

To render outstanding legal services, with creative, practical and multidisciplinary solutions, reflecting a holistic vision of the legal system, market practices and the business strategies of our clients.

Regarding the market

To collaborate to the development of the areas in which we practice, including by cooperating with public entities and parastatal organizations, and to be recognized as a reference firm in our practice areas.

Regarding people

To promote the personal and professional growth and development of our team. We pursue technical excellence and value academic training. We foster a harmonious, respectful and easygoing working environment, guided by a horizontal, youthful and collaborative culture.

Our pillars
Technical excellence

We stimulate and support the academic production of our practitioners. Our team has standout academic production and regularly contributes important articles and other works in various legal areas. This constant renewal means the firm is often involved in the main legal discussions in the country. Our team also drafts suggested bills of law and proposals for institutional reforms.

Latest legal trends

We have a diversified, multidisciplinary and cohesive team that combines competencies in a wide range of legal areas, and engages in objective, transparent and assertive communication, to enable developing integrated and practical solutions.


Our team members are recognized by our clients as strategic partners. We develop and nurture solid relationships and connections, combined with a commitment to generate value for our clients. We anticipate and develop creative solutions that meet the needs of each business transaction or dispute.


Our team members have consolidated experience in national and international cases, earning recognition and awards by the leading legal publications in Brazil.